Facebook Search People City

I enjoy Facebook. Facebook Search People City: I use it for all examples. But also for a long time, my two preferred components of Facebook were:

1) Mutual friends and also
2) Searching friends by existing city.

Facebook Search People City

The very first one was excellent-- any time you fulfill a beginner, you could head over to Facebook as well as figure out which friends you currently have in common. It made life so fascinating.

The 2nd one was a must for taking a trip. If I was going from Madison to Milwaukee or Chicago for the weekend break, the first thing I would certainly do was going to Facebook and also see which of my friends were residing in my destination city.

After that Facebook removed the option. Then they added one more means to do it via the My Buddies tab. Then they took that a person away. After that you can do it by looking for the city and also picking "friends" Then that went. [sigh]
I gave up. Facebook clearly really did not desire me to understand which of my friends remained in Madison as well as which were in Environment-friendly Bay. So I went back to mass texts and word-of-mouth, not understanding why this needed to be so difficult.

However good news: there's a new method to look for friends by city on Facebook as well as it is exceptionally very easy!

When you login to Facebook, at the really leading of the page, you will certainly see a search bar.

It's where you look for friends, pages you like, cities, apps and anything else you want to locate within Facebook.

The thing most individuals don't recognize however is that this search bar functions even more like a genuine search tool compared to they realize. If you key in a person, a city or a web page, it will show you that person, that city or that page. But you really could make your searches considerably extra thorough.

If you key in "my friends in Jakarta" [put the name of any kind of city], it will just provide you a list of your friends in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If you key in "ice cream places in Jakarta" it will provide every one of the ice cream shops in Jakarta.

And so on.

It's worth noting that when you have entered in your search, Facebook will certainly show you results based upon just what they take into consideration to be "top" discovers for you. So that might imply they will just reveal you ice cream shops in Jakarta whose page you such as on Facebook. Or they could show you posts from your friends who have blogged about ice cream shops in Jakarta. (Remember this will not transform existing personal privacy filters. You still won't see any content from individuals that have not made their material readily available to you.).

Yet consider the device bar at top as well as you will certainly observe that you have various options for ways to look.

Poke around in there and also see what else you discover. If you just desire a checklist of pages for ice cream shops in Jakarta, click "Pages" If you intend to see one of the most recent posts, click on "Latest" "Individuals" most likely won't obtain you far for this search, but when you are trying to find which of your friends stay in a certain city, this will be the tab for you.

Hope this was helpful. Have other questions about social media you 'd like to have explained? Leave a comment or contact me on Twitter or facebook. I'll do my ideal to answer your pushing social networks questions.