How to Know Your Profile Viewers On Facebook

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How To Know Your Profile Viewers On Facebook: After reading this blog post, the programmers of this expansion made some adjustments (enhancements).
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How To Know Your Profile Viewers On Facebook

Let's start with these 2 bottom lines:
1) We were astonished to see that it in fact works!
2) We removed it after 5 mins, since the extension uploaded on our part, as well as we despise it.

As soon as you set up the expansion, you have to rejuvenate the web page and also you'll see a small "Site visitors" tab alongside the leading Facebook navigating bar (next to "Residence").
The extensions tracks your account sees, from the factor you installed it, and also can not inform who visited your profile retroactive.

In the screenshot listed below, you can see that after just a couple of mins from the installation time, we had one notice on the new Visitors tab.
Click on the brand-new tab and you'll see who just visited your profile (my wife in this situation).

We constantly assumed those "See who viewed your profile" messages are 100% fraud.

Now to the bothersome part-- unlike other expansions for Facebook we had run into before, we really did not have a chance to let the extension know if we accept to post on our part, on our Facebook feed (naturally NOT!).
We dislike this stuff ...
In the second we installed this extension, all our good friends saw a foolish post that supplies them to install it also.
There are far better ways to get users. Don't be a douchebag, keep your individuals' personal privacy.
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