How to Change the Name Of A Facebook Page

How To Change The Name Of A Facebook Page: Need to change the name of your Facebook page? Rebranding on social networks just got easier! Along with revealing Facebook timelines for organisation pages the other day, Facebook now provides a way to change your Facebook Page name.

How To Change The Name Of A Facebook Page

If your business name has actually changed or you have actually been dealing with a misspelled Facebook page name, after that there is currently a straightforward way to request a Facebook name change for your Web page.

In the past, you were stuck with whatever Facebook name you selected, now if an organization rebrands, you could rebrand throughout social media sites in a a lot easier means. Previously, Facebook gave no ability to transform the Page name, which left companies in this circumstance to rallying and also encourage their fans to migrate from one web page to another.

Having the right name, specifically your firm name, as the name of your Facebook Page and also LINK is important as Facebook expands its use Open Chart making the connections and also tasks of individuals, web pages and also applications more popular. Your Facebook Web page name is going to show up in more places more frequently with the new timeline layout. So, if you have been coping with an awful name, a misspelling or now have a name adjustment, take the opportunity to submit your demand.