Live Stream Facebook

OK, this is awesome.

Live Stream Facebook: A couple of seconds after I downloaded the complimentary application "Livestream Podcaster" I was streaming live video from the AltamontCowork public computer to Facebook!

Live Stream Facebook

I have actually attempted Justin TELEVISION as well as Ustream as our "Online Window" yet both dropped the calls, after some time, within a couple of mins. Hmmmm, I wonder if it was Comcast restricting me?

Sooo, I'm attempting Livestream. Looks like the very same software program as Justin TELEVISION as well as Ustream as well as I still have Comcast, so I'm rather sure, one way or another, the calls will certainly start going down. Regardless of, this is great anyway.

One truly wonderful feature is you could provide an online discussion making use of slides and video clip as well as sound to a Facebook audience. See photo below.


Advertisements interrupt the video clip stream every couple of mins.

I will not be doing this long-term, yet, as an amazing experiment (and blog site entrance), it was enjoyable playing with it.

My Point of view

The globe of video clip communication (either interactive or one method streaming) is moving at lightspeed today and also I am seeing nearly all the forecasts, hopes, as well as fantasizes I had for this modern technology the past Two Decade involving fruition! WhooHoo!

Terrific things!