How to Delete Your Notifications On Facebook

How To Delete Your Notifications On Facebook: You understand how it is, you comment on something on a whim-- like a person's birthday-- since you're feeling generous and also you wind up with your phone beeping at you as a hundred various other well-wishers who you have no idea choose to do the same. You're on your Android smartphone as well as have no idea how you can stop this and also think about going to an internet cafe to log into a desktop PC to stop the noise!

How To Delete Your Notifications On Facebook

Well no need to do that now-- you can shut off notifications from your phone fairly conveniently these days-- it's just not that clear, so right here's exactly how.

Touch the little alert symbol (a blue and also white world) on top of your screen to show you your newest Facebook notices. Locate the post/update you want to stop obtaining notifications for and go to it.

Now touch the little grey down arrowhead to the right of the post and bring up the pop-up menu.

Select Switch Off Alerts and also you must be done-- say goodbye to irritating updates and waiting on that particular Facebook status update to vanish naturally!