My Husband Unfriended Me On Facebook

My Husband Unfriended Me On Facebook: If you've ever wondered why your Facebook close friend matter is down, there is currently an app that informs you that specifically unfriended you.

My Husband Unfriended Me On Facebook

The complimentary app for iOS and Android is called Who Deleted Me, and also it was found by Rachel Zarrell at BuzzFeed. It additionally is a web browser extension for Google Chrome.

It works by simply saving a copy of your close friend list after you initially utilize Who Deleted Me.

When you take another look at the app or internet browser extension, it will certainly contrast your good friend checklist with the conserved version-- which sadly implies you can't see who unfriended you back in 2012.

It gives a list of who quit being your pal on Facebook as well as any type of new friends given that the last time you were visited.

Both the app as well as the web browser extension will certainly recognize whether you were the one to delete a pal and whether somebody simply deactivated their Facebook profile. Right here's a mock-up of just what the application looks like:

The application and also website came to be so prominent today that the website started running slower on Monday and also at some point experienced some blackouts. Who Deleted Me has because said it has updated to larger web servers to cover the boosted web traffic.

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Site outages aren't the only worry for the new app. Back in February, the application's designer, Anthony Kuske, obtained a notice from the Facebook Group informing him that his app as well as internet browser extension were developing an adverse customer experience:

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Still, greater than 36,000 people have liked the Who Deleted Me app web page on Facebook, so there's certainly a market for it.

The app is not the initial of its kind. An internet browser extension released last year called Unfriend Notify has approximately the very same solution, and also there is also a Twitter version called WhoUnfollowedMe?.

So the next time you're questioning unfriending your aunt who sends all those FarmVille requests, now you may want to reconsider.