How to Hide My Photos In Facebook

How To Hide My Photos In Facebook: Hiding photos on Facebook may not really function along with you believe it does.

How To Hide My Photos In Facebook

Picturebook, a web browser expansion now readily available in the Chrome web shop, claims to permit you to "check out concealed pictures of any person on Facebook"-- even if you aren't friends with them.

Sounds like a Facebook climber's dream, right? But though Picturebook's summary is technically real, it is likewise deceptive.

No application or internet browser expansion-- this one consisted of-- is able to change the personal privacy settings of another person's photo. What Picturebook is actually doing: appearing pictures that you might have seen anyhow, even if a customer marked in them concealed them from their timeline.

State a friend tags you in an uncomplimentary photo. You could make it go away by selecting "hide from my timeline." But this just avoids individuals from viewing the image within your timeline; it does not really remove or block the image whatsoever. If the photo's personal privacy setting was set to "public", any person could have discovered it anyway.

Other individuals will still have the ability to see the picture by seeing your pal's timeline, or merely by searching for it.Picturebook takes advantage of this technicality and surface areas pictures you have actually been labelled in, no matter whether you've concealed them.

Simply put, Picturebook makes it just a little easier to discover just what you can have found anyhow.

It's worth explaining that Facebook advises individuals every single time they hide a photo that it is still viewable from others' news feed, from search, as well as from other put on Facebook.

How to fix it
The only way to actually conceal your hidden images from this tool is by untagging on your own. Initially, choose "concealed from timeline" from the fall menu under the picture's day. From there, choose "Report/remove tag" from the popup home window that shows up, then pick "get rid of tag."

This gets rid of the tag, which will avoid pictures from showing up on your timeline, or on the Picturebook extension. The photo itself will still show up elsewhere on Facebook; only the person that posted it can remove it.

If you're still fretted about old images turning up, now may be a great time to review your privacy setups, to make sure you're just sharing just what you desire. The social network just recently made privacy setups extra easily accessible with a new Privacy Essentials web page, intended to make this procedure simpler.