How to Delete A Facebook Group

How To Delete A Facebook Group: If you have a Facebook account it is rather common to join groups as they offer you the possibility to recognize and also read particular news ahead of time along with follow particular events as quickly as they appear. This little article will show you just what you need to carry out in situation you wish to remove as well as eliminate a Facebook team from your Facebook profile.

How To Delete A Facebook Group

Login to your Facebook account.
In the left side of your Facebook profile, under the Facebook Teams area, click the See All link.
This will certainly open up and also My Teams area showing you all the teams you have joined.
Hover you mouse over the Facebook team web link you wish to get rid of as well as leave from the list.
You will see that a small X will show up left wing of such a web link.
Click it.
A pop-up home window will appear on your screen wish the following message: "Are you sure you wish to leave the XYZ Team".
If you bank on your just what you are doing, click the Remove switch.