How Do U Change Ur Age On Facebook

How Do U Change Ur Age On Facebook: If you get on Facebook and also acting sensibly you'll already have actually informed the social networking website to hide your date of birth, so other Facebook individuals could not see it. It's a sensible thing to do, due to the fact that your date of birth is one of those nuggets of information which can be important to an identity burglar.

How Do U Change Ur Age On Facebook

You shouldn't also reveal your date of birth on Facebook to your on-line 'close friends'. Nevertheless, if they're your friends they should know when your birthday is anyway, right?

Nonetheless, just what I'm going to suggest you do currently is go into your Facebook account as well as alter your date of birth completely, even if it has actually currently been set to be concealed from sight. So, if you were born upon 23 November 1963 make it something like 20 July 1969 rather.

The reason why I'm telling you this is because last evening I found a defect on Facebook which allowed me to see other individuals's full dates of birth. Their dates of birth were exposed even if they had set them to be unseen or had actually told Facebook to hide the year.

Individuals's birthdays were subjected on the brand-new layout that Facebook is trialling for its personal individual profile pages, which can be presently accessed via According to the Facebook designer's blog, Facebook will certainly begin turning out the new profile page layout to individuals today. I've told Facebook about the problem, and it appears for since they have fixed the trouble-- however who understands if it will certainly resurface again in the future.

Facebook only asks you your age to 'check' that you're a grownup. You shouldn't really feel obliged to enter your actual date of birth when a website asks you-- select a random date like I recommend over.

There is one little issue with informing Facebook an incorrect birth day, nevertheless, that I feel compelled to explain. And that is that their Terms & Problems do not permit you to do so

So, the facts of the issue are that Facebook requires you to provide your genuine birth day, but after that failed to appropriately protect it. With Facebook's terms & problems as they go to the minute, you have to make a decision whether you are prepared to intentionally violate them, or quit utilizing the social networking site totally.