Who Viewed Me On Facebook

Who Viewed Me On Facebook: Facebook Stalker is a compact application written in C-Sharp (C#) that enables the individual to check out the total account views, unique profile sights and also the last 10 people that visited their profile for that certain day. Facebook Stalker is currently on version 1.05, nevertheless variation 2.00 will be released quickly which permits the individual to fetch the moment of the last 10 check outs to their account. The application does not call for any kind of passwords, for that reason it can recover the views and also visitors of any type of profile on Facebook once the account web link is available and also the privacy setups are appropriately set. Below is a brief tutorial for the use of the Facebook Stalker. A tutorial on changing personal privacy setups will certainly be written in the future.

Who Viewed Me On Facebook

The best ways to Use The Facebook Stalker Application

Step 1. - Obtain The Profile Link

The very first step is to fetch your Facebook account link. See your profile from your web internet browser and copy the link in the LINK Bar. When you've replicated the web link, continue to the following step. Take a look at the image below for aid.

Action 2. -Paste The Account Link

Introduce the Facebook Stalker Application, and also paste your profile link into the "Enter Account Link:" area.

Action 3. - Using The Command Line

The next action includes utilizing the command line. Go into the complying with commands without the quotes: "- S -Public Relations 1-V -Ts". The -S command signals to start the application, the -Pr 1 tells the program to utilize the profile web link in the first field of the application. The -V command shows the development in the command line box as well as the -Ts command quicken the procedure by multithreading. As soon as you've gone into these commands exactly in the field, transfer to the next step.

Tip 4. - Press Execute Commands And Obtain Facebook Data

The next step is to push the "Carry out Commands" Buttons. This will get all the stats consisting of Complete Sights, Special Sights, and also the Account ID's of the last ten site visitors to your account. Below is an image of the last result. All my individual info as well as profile visitors as been blocked.

Step 5. - See Your Facebook Stalker's Account.

This is the last step, duplicate the created profile ID's (the initial on the listing is the most recent site visitor). Most likely to your web internet browser as well as see "http://facebook.com/ProfileIDHere" replacing the ProfileIDHere with the copied profile ID from the Facebook Stalker Application.