How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account: Intend To Leave Facebook no more interested or have one more account on Facebook wish to remove your old Facebook account. Facebook has not direct choice from where you could erase your Facebook profile permanently.

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account

Facebook business is advertisement, if you start leaving Facebook after that the company track record decreases they always redirect you a few other alternative like deactivate your account for 7 days, I'm leaving Facebook for short-lived reason will be back quickly and so on, so Below it is the Solution you wish to delete your Facebook account in basic actions
Action 1: Click On This Link Delete My Facebook Profile
Action 2: Verify Remove my Account
Action 3: It will ask your Facebook password, enter your Facebook password
Tip 4: Your account deletion remains in development within 15 days your Facebook profile will delete completely do not login in these days.Done!