How Do U Change Your Age On Facebook

How Do U Change Your Age On Facebook: If you're on Facebook as well as acting sensibly you'll currently have actually told the social networking website to hide your date of birth, so other Facebook users could not watch it. It's a sensible thing to do, because your date of birth is just one of those nuggets of details which can be important to an identity burglar.

How Do U Change Your Age On Facebook

You should not even reveal your date of birth on Facebook to your on the internet 'close friends'. After all, if they're your pals they should understand when your birthday is anyhow, right?

Nonetheless, just what I'm mosting likely to recommend you do currently is enter into your Facebook account as well as transform your date of birth completely, even if it has actually currently been set to be hidden from view. So, if you were born on 23 November 1963 make it something like 20 July 1969 instead.

The reason that I'm telling you this is due to the fact that last night I found an imperfection on Facebook which enabled me to watch other people's complete dates of birth. Their dates of birth were revealed even if they had actually set them to be invisible or had actually informed Facebook to conceal the year.

People's birthday celebrations were revealed on the new layout that Facebook is trialling for its individual customer profile pages, which can be presently accessed by means of According to the Facebook designer's blog site, Facebook will certainly start turning out the new profile web page design to users today. I have actually informed Facebook concerning the defect, and it appears for now that they have taken care of the problem-- yet who recognizes if it will certainly resurface once more in the future.

Facebook only asks you your age to 'examine' that you're a grownup. You should not really feel forced to enter your real date of birth when a website asks you-- choose an arbitrary date like I suggest above.

There is one little problem with telling Facebook an incorrect birth day, nevertheless, that I feel obliged to explain. And that is that their Terms & Problems do not allow you to do so

So, the realities of the issue are that Facebook needs you to supply your actual birth day, yet then failed to properly shield it. With Facebook's terms & conditions as they go to the moment, you need to decide whether you are prepared to purposely violate them, or quit making use of the social networking website entirely.