How Can You See who Blocked You On Facebook

How Can You See Who Blocked You On Facebook: Hey there viewers this is my an additional post in Facebook hacks classification as we understand a lot of us are Facebook addicts. There are numerous Facebook users who have 500+ buddies and also If we have such a multitude of close friends after that it is rather tough to learn the missing out on individual from the buddy list.

How Can You See Who Blocked You On Facebook

The majority of the Facebook Individuals wonder regarding 3 Things

Who blocked me on Facebook?
That are my recent account site visitor?
That un friended me on Facebook?

There is no such app in Facebook which will certainly how the recent profile visitor but today I am mosting likely to reveal the trick whereby you will certainly understand which pal Obstructed you or Unfriend you on Facebook. Using this Method you can see just the name of buddy (Person that was in your pal listing) that blocked you or Unfriended you. There is a Facebook App named as "Who disposed me" which could inform you the name of missing out on persons from your buddy list.

1. Log in To your Facebook Account
You could require 2 Facebook accounts to make sure that with the help of an additional account we can find out whether that person has blocked you or Deactivated his account.

2. Click here For the app "That Dumped me"
Who Disposed me is the Facebook application which will assist us to discover absent buddies from the pal listing

3. Enable the app to access your Pal list.
When the app access your Facebook data it will certainly reveal Overall variety of pal's in your pal listing.

Exactly how does "Who Unloaded me" application works?
As soon as you have actually allowed the application to access your Facebook data after that application shops the information of your friend checklist. In future whenever you see the application page then it will check your pal list for any type of changes.

If some modifications are located after that this application will certainly produce a list of names in Green color that are recently included as good friends as well as a second listing of names in Red color who are missing out on in the good friend list. By utilizing Red color listing we can get individuals who have unfriended, Blocked you or deactivated their Facebook account. You could click Check History to inspect all the good friends who have actually added you as well as removed you from the close friend list.

I wish you got this. If you encounter any kind of issue while applying this method feel free to comment listed below.