Facebook Cover Photo Resolution

Facebook Cover Photo Resolution: Beginning at the top, your Cover Image will certainly be displayed at 851 pixels (px) by 315px. You have the chance to adjust the cropping, however can not resize the picture that you submit or select from your Follower Web page cds.

Facebook Cover Photo Resolution

To ensure you'll like the results, dimension in a picture editor before publishing. Begin with an image that goes to least 851 pixels large. Expanding a lower resolution image can make it look fuzzy or pixelated.

KEEP IN MIND: Your Web page Call, group, and buttons have actually moved inside the Cover Photo as of mid-June 2014. Get my layout at the link below so they won't block an integral part of your Cover style.

Read: Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Size, Layout, Suggestions (get the updated layout right here).

The best ways to Make a Terrific Facebook Timeline Cover Photo for 15 Dollars (discover how to resize photos in a FREE picture editor).

Facebook Account Image Dimension

The Facebook Profile Image is displayed on your Fan Page at 160px square, yet should be submitted at least 180px square. You can also post a larger image, preferably in a numerous of 180, such as 360, 540, or 720, and also Facebook will resize it for you. This may offer you much better clearness, as well as will certainly provide you a larger picture in your Photo Album!

Facebook Follower Page App Images/ Thumbnails

The Application Photos, Tab Images, or Thumbnails that utilized to show up under your Cover Picture have transferred to the left column. Only 3 program on the page, but when the arrowhead is clicked, every app thumbnail can be seen. It's a smart idea to tailor them.

The Facebook application thumbnails are still 111px broad by 74px high. Keep them straightforward-- perhaps just kind that shares a call-to-action.

Facebook Follower Page App Favicons
The FB Follower Web page Apps utilized to have little 16px favicons. These have been removed.

Facebook Follower Page Apps

Your Fan Web page application can be a single image (sample here). The size of the tab is 810px, as well as the maximum height for a full-tab photo is 1200px. This is the only Facebook picture that I have actually discovered to have a data dimension constraint, and it's 400kb. Select the ideal compression when conserving your jpeg, It will not post if larger than 400kb.

Facebook Wall Image Dimension

New since June 2014! Images shared on your wall are shown at 504 pixels large and up to 504 pixels high. When sizing your graphics and also pictures, make them a minimum of 504 pixels. Facebook is recommending 1200 pixels.

Elevation can vary-- straight and high images will certainly work. I used to suggest a high percentage of 4:5, but now these will certainly be reduced to 504 pixels tall with gray bars on the sides (see example).

Horizontal photos will certainly load the 504 pixel width, but won't have the influence of square. Square looks ideal on the wall surface.

Facebook Image Visitor Image Dimension

Pictures you have actually uploaded will certainly show up in the Picture Customer, or lightbox, at the optimum resolution feasible, depending on the size you published them as well as the viewer's screen tool. The maximum Facebook image size for upload as well as download is 2048 px square. If you publish a larger image, Facebook will certainly minimize it so the longest side is 2048 px. Bear in mind that images can be downloaded and install at the full size you have actually published, at least as much as 2048 px.

For optimal display screen, Facebook suggests that you resize your photos before submitting to among these sizes they sustain:

720 px
960 px
2048 px
If you upload 2048 px images, make sure to pick the Premium quality alternative.

CAUTION: Photos you post to Facebook can be downloaded by any person you've enabled to view them in your permissions (and also Fan Web page blog posts are always public). Any images might be downloaded and install and also reused, even though that would be copyright infringement (unless you permit).